Sophie Rekasowski



"Requiem" is an animated short film about the journey of a soul in search for its last resting place through a mysterious cave.

We produced this film in a group of five people over the course of 4 months at the Stuttgart Media University in our 6th semester. Our main focus was to tell about death and last moments in a poetic and aesthetically pleasing way. Thus creating  a calm - almost mythical - atmosphere.


What I did:

Story & Concept, Animatic, Visual Development, Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing, Lighting, Compositing, 2D Particle Effects, Project Management


Photoshop, Maya, Mudbox, After Effects, Premiere



*Best Animated Film at Deutscher Jugendfilmpreis 2016, Mainz*

story & concept

modeling, sculpting & staging of environments

texturing & lighting of environments

compositing, additional 2D Particle Effects

storyboard draft

storyboard final film

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